Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong Posters for Sale (Prices Reduced, Mar 2012)

So the thing is, I just came back from a holiday in Seoul… and I’ve posters of Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho for sale! = )

  • All posters are new and in great condition.
  • ‘SGD’ refers to the Singapore Dollar.
  • Although I’ve listed the prices below, I will consider all other reasonable offers.

Kim Hyun Joong
1. Tony Moly Poster (SOLD)
2. Tony Moly Postcard (SOLD)
3. Two from Basic House’s Fall 2010 Campaign

Lee Min Ho
4. Autographed LG Optimus poster
5. LG Optimus poster (SOLD)
6. Three Etude House posters (SOLD)

Preview of the posters:

1. Tony Moly Poster – SGD20 –> SGD15 (SOLD)
(Ought to be pretty hard to get now with the change in celebrity spokespersons.)

If you wish to purchase the poster and postcard together, I’ll name both at SGD18 and include a cute Kim Hyun Joong fan too.

2. Tony Moly Postcard – SGD5 (SOLD)
(Front of postcard is similar to the poster above.)

3. Basic House, Fall 2010 (Green Jacket) – SGD20 –> SGD8

Basic House, Fall 2010 (Beanie)
– SGD20 –> SGD8

4. Authentic autographed LG Optimus poster – SGD60 –> SGD50

5. LG Optimus poster – SGD10 –> SGD4 (SOLD)
(Same as above, just obviously without the autograph.)

6. Etude House posters – SGD8 each, SGD20 for all 3 –> SGD4 each, SGD8 for all 3 (SOLD)

If you’re interested in any of the items, just email me at ofpersonalheroes (AT) gmail.com or leave a comment on this entry. = )
I prefer meet-ups (in Singapore) to ensure that the posters are in great condition when you get them!

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13 responses to “Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong Posters for Sale (Prices Reduced, Mar 2012)”

  1. Katie says :

    Are any of the Lee Minho posters still up for grabs?…

    • ofpersonalheroes says :

      Hi Katie!

      All the posters are still available. If you’re interested in any of them, you can leave further comments here or email me at ofpersonalheroes AT gmail.com. I’ll be able to get back to you within a day of your comment/email. = )


  2. celine yong says :

    Hi, is the Kim Hyun Joong stuffs still available?

  3. nadya tan says :

    hi, i would like to purchase the last LMH poster,Authentic autographed LG Optimus poster. but the price is a little too steep for me. can we discuss? please email me soon. thank you!

    • ofpersonalheroes says :

      Hi Nadya! = )

      I’ve just replied you via email. Hope I got the email address right, if not, please leave another comment here. Thanks!

  4. Crystal Chanricsmeiy Leng says :

    Hey, I’m wondering if I could get the Basic House, Fall 2010 (Beanie) poster.

  5. Rin says :

    hey! i was wondering if all the posters above are still available? some says “sold” but is there by any chance any more left? please reply?

    • ofpersonalheroes says :

      Hi Rin

      Those that are stated “sold” are really, unfortunately, all sold out. Sorry. The rest aren’t though. Which ones are you interested in btw? I could help you to ask some friends.

      I’ve some new stuff that I’ve not yet put up for sale, but those are mainly of Big Bang, Taeyang and C.N. Blue etc, not Kim Hyun-joong and Lee Min-ho

  6. Anonymous says :

    😦 i want Lee min ho’s.. any available stuff?

    • ofpersonalheroes says :

      Hi! 🙂 The autographed Lee Min Ho poster is still available. Would you be interested in that? Are you only looking for Lee Min Ho posters?

      You can also drop me an email at ofpersonalheroes AT gmail.com 🙂

  7. Rino Ryzz WebWorld says :

    hi is tis poster still available? >>Basic House, Fall 2010 (Beanie) – SGD20 –> SGD8

    • ofpersonalheroes says :

      Hi 🙂

      Yes, it’s still available; in fact, both ‘Basic House’ posters are still available. 🙂 I’ve dropped you an email at the email address you left.

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